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Red Thai Chili Burgers

What do you want for dinner? How about a nice, juicy burger that has a hint of spice and lots of melting cheese as you take that first bite? Sounds amazing! I love burgers and I’m always on the hunt for the next amazing burger place!

But why not make these delicious burgers at home when you can be sure of fresh ingredients and clean cooking so you don’t have to feel too guilty afterwards?

My Red Thai Chili Burgers are famous! I have shared the recipe with family and friends and every time I make them, I get asked about it! So here’s the recipe for you all below:


2 lbs lean ground beef

¼ large onion chopped

¼ large onion sliced

½ spoon garlic and ginger paste

1 garlic clove chopped

½ jalapeño pepper chopped into small pieces

½ jalapeño pepper cut into thin slices for topping

½ tbs of crushed red pepper flakes

½ tbs of lemon juice

½ tsp of salt

Slices of pepper jack cheese

Whole wheat buns

1 avocado sliced

Spinach leaves, washed

Chipotle mayonnaise


1. In a large bowl, mix ground beef, chopped onions, chopped onions, garlic and ginger paste, Thai Red Chili paste, chopped jalapeños, crushed red pepper flakes, and salt. Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly. Finally, add the lemon juice when you are ready to make the burgers.

2. Heat up the buns in the oven or stove top so they are slightly brown with a light crispy layer. Add a single slice of pepper jack cheese on the top bun during the heating process so the cheese melts on the side facing the burger.

3. Caramelize the onions

4. Form burger patties the size of the buns and about ⅓ inch in thickness.

5. You can cook the burgers on a stove top or in an air fryer:

On stove top: cook over med-high heat. Cooks evenly on both sides to a brown color. Be sure to cook the edges as well.

Air fryer: Cook for 7 minutes on each side at 400 degrees F. You may add an additional 2 minutes on each side if you like it more well done.

6. To assemble burgers, place the patty on the bottom bun. Layer with spinach, caramelized onions, and sliced jalapeños. On the top bun with melted cheese, layer the sliced avocado and drizzle with chipotle mayonnaise.

Enjoy the burger with your favorite side fries or vegetables

Now try out these delicious burgers and let me know what you think! Keep coming back for much delicious recipes!





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