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Sweet Valentine's Day Surprises For Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast loves! And I’m so excited because this is our first Valentine’s Day together as a couple!

I have always loved Valentine’s Day even when I was single. I have always felt that it’s a day about love, not just romantic love between partners but love towards your friends, family, co-workers, etc. And it’s a wonderful reason to show your loved ones a little extra love!

It can be so easy to pick up a Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone but I think the best gifts are always more thoughtful and personal. And if you’re struggling to think of something special for your significant other, here’s little guide to help you make this a Valentine’s Day to remember!

1. For the hopeless romantic

Love notes: Write sweet messages and memories on post-it notes (bonus points if they are pink, heart-shaped, or both!). Leave them around the house where they go through their morning routine, such as on the mirror, in the closet, on the coffee machine, on wallet/purse, on the doors! Watch their face light up when they read these and save them forever to look back on!

Breakfast in bed: this is a classic and for good reasons! It’s already a blessing to wake up next to your loved one and what’s even better is enjoying a romantic breakfast in bed with them. I suggest using heart-shaped cookie cutters to make various breakfast dishes such as pancakes and eggs

Candlelight dinner: Again, I know it’s such a classic but add extra touches to make it more special! Ask them to go pick up something for dinner and decorate the place with twinkling lights, candles, flowers, etc and have your favorite love songs playing for them to come back to. Prepare/Order their favorite meal for a sweet, intimate dinner with just the two of you.

Lovebook: Go to Lovebook Online turn your love story into a story book and something you can look back on forever. Such a sweet treasure to share with your kids as well!

For the gamers

Gaming session: Surprise them with classic gaming consoles (Nintendo, Playstation). These usually have some pre-loaded games on them for the two of you to enjoy together.

Arcade trip: Take them to a arcade for a full-day of challenging each other to silly games!

For the luxurious

Massage: Arrange a day of couples massages and spa for the two of you enjoy together. Take advantage of the amenities to relax and just enjoy each other’s company and how far you’ve come together

Wine tasting: Plan a tour and tasting a winery for you two to spend the day at. Bonus points if you plan a trip to vineyard!

For the adventurous

Dare yourselves: Arrange for an adventurous activity that you two have always wanted to do such as skydiving or bungee jumping

Spontaneous trip: Have things prepared for a quick weekend getaway. Book hotel and car/flight in advance and surprise them with a surprise trip.

For the artistic

Classes: Schedule a class for you to attend together such as cooking an exotic meal, learning photography, or doing pottery.

Memories: Make a large frame with pictures of you two through the years and surprise them with it!

However you decide to spend this day, remember that at the end of it all, what matters the most is being with each other. Take this day as a stepping stone to express your love a little extra every day. Let them know how much you cherish them and adore them every day.

I hope this Valentine’s Day, you make some wonderful memories! Spread the sweetness of Valentine’s Day with all your loved one by letting them know how much you love them!



P.S. As you can see, I've shared some of our proposal pictures above. These were such beautiful memories that it felt appropriate to share them on a Valentine's Day post



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