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Investing Into Self-Care

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a routine? Tired and exhausted? Feel like there is no end in sight? You’re not the only one! We all go through these periods where we stuck in a loop of work and exhaustion, where a day of rest doesn’t feel restful.

And that’s why it’s so important to schedule some wellness time and activity. Just staying at home through the weekend may seem physical restful but often it’s not enough to mentally re-charge you. Planning activities that provide mental and physical rejuvenation is so essential!

Below are some activities you can easily plan into your week to give you a little boost to get your through your rut.

1. Meditate

I really recommend actually setting aside some quiet time, about 15 minutes, where you can shut everything down. Meditation involves mentally calming everything in your mind. Keep in mind that it’s a skill that improves with practice but so beneficial! And in fact, there many scientific studies show improve in brain network integration with meditation.

Here is one of my favorite guided-meditation videos. It’s very easy and simple to follow along from a Buddhist monk.

Choosing the right space is also important. Pick a spot with plenty of sunlight! You may already know, that exposure to sunlight is associated with improved moods and in fact, in seasonal affective disorder, symptoms of depression are seen with the onset of fall and winter seasons.

2. New classes

Schedule a class on an activity that you might have always wanted to try. Groupon is a great way to search for classes that may be available near you. Take a salsa dancing class, learn to cook a thai meal, try your hand at pottery for the first time! But go outside and try to learn something new that you enjoy!

3. Favorite meal

Reserve a table at your favorite restaurant for the weekend or plan to cook your favorite meal! Invite friends and family to join you. Sharing a meal with loved ones can be so therapeutic.

4. Yoga

The benefits of yoga are numerous. It has helped people with chronic pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. It can be adjusted to fit your body. You can easily find guided yoga videos and follow along. But with spring coming, there are also plenty of outdoor yoga classes available. Grab some friends to attend a yoga class followed by brunch at your favorite spot! Or join a yoga class and meet some new people!

If you are in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend yoga classes at Mountain Shadows Resort where you can participate in a class in the view of the beautiful Camelback mountains!

5. Mini-spa weekend

Invite some friends over for a relaxing spa weekend. Plan a day of face masks, mimosas, manicures/pedicures, and reruns of Friends in the background!

6. Mini-trip

Sometimes, you just need a break to get away. Whether it’s for the whole weekend or just one day, plan a mini-trip to explore a new city. Take a road trip or a short flight to a nearby city that you have been meaning to explore. Even if it’s just a 1-2 hour drive to a waterfall, lake, or national park, plan the trip and stick to it. Mentally, it can be so recharging to get away to a new setting and change of scenery. You will thank yourself for it later!

Always remember that taking care of yourself is a long-term investment! And don’t be afraid to see professional medical help for counseling or therapy if you need. There is no shame or embarrassment in taking care of yourself!





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